Autoshot Dent Repair

About Autoshot Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is the #1 choice by every major insurance company. It’s been labelled as the “SMART REPAIR” process. This method cuts cost in half and saves the integrity of your investment. Once you break into the original paint and start replacing structural parts like Roof skins, Hoods, Quarter panels, Roof Rails, etc. in most cases your car will be reported to Carfax. Once this happens the value will drop significantly.

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How We Helped

Facebook Advertising

In order to help Autoshot Dent Repair grow their local brand awareness, we implemented a Facebook Advertising strategy. Using this simple approach, Autoshot was able to increase the number of inbound leads for their services.

YouTube Advertising

To help Autoshot Dent Repair further expand their reach, we helped implement a YouTube Advertising strategy for their local area. In this strategy, Autoshot Dent Repair was able to show their brand to more people in their local area. This resulted in increased phone calls to the business, increased quote requests on their ads, and increased return on their advertising budget.

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