About Putnam Counseling

At Putnam Counseling, we provide Licensed Mental Health & Professional Counseling services. We specialize in therapy & counseling for trauma, abuse, PTSD, anxiety, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and couples issues.

We are based in northern Virginia. We provide in-person licensed counseling for the northern Virginia area, as well as phone and/or video counseling for anyone in Virginia or Florida.


How We Helped

Professional Business Website

This new business wanted to start out right be having a professional website. We started by building a completely new website to properly reflect the professional nature of her business.

Google Advertising (Pay Per Click)

To help Putnam Counseling further expand their reach, we helped implement a Google Advertising strategy for their local area.  In this strategy, Putnam Counseling was able to show their brand to those people searching for their services in the northern Virginia area.   

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