Use Chatbots for Lead Generation

Automate leads, drive sales, engage with your customers. 

Should you be using a chatbot?

Facebook Messenger

Automatically connect with customers and prospects through Facebook Messenger. 

Your Webpage

Use a chatbot directly on your webpage to answer questions and instead of a contact form.  

Live Chat

Use a Chatbot to automatically answer client questions.  Then easily transition to live chat when you are available.  

Incorporate a chatbot directly into your webpage.

This simple chat tool is fun, exciting, and begs your customers to engage.  Nobody wants to enter their information into a boring contact form. 

Chatbots like this are highly adaptable and have much higher conversion rates than blank forms.  Try it out!

Upgrade your customer experience with a Facebook Messenger ChatBot

With over 1 billion users on Facebook Messenger, your customers practically expect you to be there too.  Once your customers "opt in" by engaging with your messenger bot, you can then provide them tremendous value. 

Instead of making a customer hunt through your website or call you, you can provide them with nearly endless options.  You can use this to send out newsletters, reminders, announcements, special offers, and more. For those who understand email marketing, Facebook Messenger subscribers become just like your email client list.  The only difference is that Messenger open rates and conversion rates are typically much higher than email. 

Take a quick tour by simply clicking on the blue "Send to Messenger" button.  This will send a message to begin a conversation on your Facebook Messenger app.  You can always opt out of any Messenger list by simply typing "stop". 

Incorporate a live "call center" or in this case a "chat" center into your website

Until now, the ability to leverage a call center was limited to big businesses with large budgets.   It was completely outside of what was possibly for a small business owner.  Now, with advanced instant chat features and apps, this is possible for virtually every business.  Even if you only have 1 employee (yourself), having this instant chat feature takes your business to another level.   

You have probably noticed various live chat dialog boxes.  They are usually in the bottom right corner of a page. 

live chat browser view

Depending on your device, they usually say "chat now". 

Clicking on these boxes will start an instant dialog between your customer and your business.   

Does it require elaborate equipment or to be sitting at a computer? 

Nope!  Not at all. 

You can interact directly from your smart phone through an app.   

Get started today and start growing your business!

So there you have it.  3 ways to grow your business today.   The great part about these tools is that they can be customized to your needs.  Once they are, they can help grow your leads and multiply your presence without increasing  your workload. 

That means you can reach more clients with less effort.  Interested in adding any of these chat bot tools to your business?  Just interact with one of them and get in contact with us today!