How to Create a Facebook Ad To Get Messages for Your Business

In this video, I show you step by step directions on how to create a Facebook Ads campaign to get more messages.

What you will need to get started:

  • Facebook business page for your business
  • Facebook ads account for your business

If you have these, simply watch and follow along.  I show you how to pick the correct objective.  Then, I show you the basics on how to setup your Facebook campaign ad set.  The adset includes location targeting, age and demographic targeting, and detailed interests targeting.  You will want to use all of these to specifically identify your target audience.

Facebook messaging ad results 1
Facebook messaging ad results 3

You will also want to choose the placement where you want your ads to show up.  Once you finish creating your adset details, you will create your ad.  This is where you will choose an image or a video.  I recommend using your own video or images that showcase your specific business.

Next, include some text description and a headline to attract your audience to take you call to action.  In the case, the call to action is Send Message.  Once someone clicks this button, it will open a conversation with your business in Facebook Messenger.

I also recommend creating a template of common questions or a series of questions that someone will likely answer once they start a conversation.

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