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Get Your Business On the Map

Are you a local business owner?

This simply means that you serve customers in your local area.

If so, it is critical that your business is listed on Google Business. 


Google or Google Maps is usually the first place a potential customer searches for your service or product. 

So here is what happens.

Let's say you are in a certain city and want pizza.  The problem is you don't live there, and you don't know anyone. 

What most people will do is either open up Google maps, their web browser, or ask Siri for "Pizza near me". 

In each of these cases, those search methods will utilize Google's powerful search algorithm.  Because it is a local search, it will naturally bring up pizza restaurant near you on a map. 

The only way for your business to be listed and to be found is through Google Business.

Google business guide


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It is important to understand that your Google Business page might be the first impression of your business that potential customers get. 

That means, you need to have accurate and updated information.

Some common errors for many small business owners are:

  • Missing phone number.
  • Missing pictures of your products or services.  Sometimes all we see is a picture of a tree.  This is the stock Google photo from the street.
  • Missing your website. 

Once you setup Google Business, it is important to keep it updated.

You will want to treat Google Business with the same level of importance as your Facebook Business page and your website.

It is also important to understand that your Google Business page, combines with your website, Facebook, and other social channels to help your business rank higher.

That means, you will need to post routinely, update pictures, invite customers to review, and then remove any outdated information.

Although we make this sound easy, we know it can be challenging for many business owners.

That is why we can setup and manage your entire Google Business page, along with your website, and social media.

To get a Free Online Presence Review and see how we can help your business, just click the Get Started Now button below.  



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