Opportunities, Goals, Hard Work

Hey everybody what's happening I had a few thoughts i want to share with you on this beautiful thursday morning and it I'm titling this opportunities goals and hard work I think they all three go along together but here here it is i will probably talk all day about all three of these potentially um so opportunities i had this thought that you know people say oh opportunities come and go you can you always have more opportunities i don't think that's true so here's a here's a good example I think that you can have more opportunities but in your life the opportunities you have as a kid let's say as a teenager let's say when you're in high school will never be there again once you're out of high school okay some of those things things may seem trivial but a perfect example for me would be the opportunity to meet my wonderful bride would have never happened again after that now you know you can meet other people but for her i would not have met her after that so had i not made certain uh moves there moves that would not have happened and you know the rest of my life would not be as as awesome um and opportunities as when you're in your 20s your 30s your 40s etc will never happen again you may have similar opportunities but those specific ones will never- happen again opportunities for investments for business for everything and what comes back what comes what that  comes to is your goals kind of uh and actually here's another example um back when we were probably about 20 years ago maybe a little bit longer i think my father-in-law told us hey there's this property by disney that's uh you can buy it for five thousand dollars now at the time uh we didn't have a whole lot of money and we thought oh that's a lot of money that's we don't want to do that now i'm sure it's worth a lot more but it goes along with our goals so opportunities and your goals and so if my goals i had okay goals at the time but it wasn't about a business or finance or future like that i did have somewhat but i wasn't open to looking at those as much so the opportunities come but your goals need to be aligned so that you recognize them um how's that planned to my marriage maybe i had a goal to get a girlfriend I think so that on that case if you you have that goal then you'll you'll recognize  opportunities it goes along with business it goes along with investments it goes along with lots of things so now i see a lot more opportunities and i'm able to either take advantage of them or not but at least i recognize them and i look at a lot more opportunities but then it comes to work hard work so opportunities goals and hard work so the hard work pieces  obvious kind of obvious you can have all these great opportunities you can have great goals but if you don't actually take action and do it it means nothing um so so for my wife if my opportunity was there if my goal was there to get a girlfriend but if i didn't ask her out or do anything or date her or whatever it would mean nothing same corollary with business with investing with your jobs if you uh if you complain about your job but you don't do something about it right you don't if you if you have a goal to get a better job or get a certain pay uh then let's say you have the uh you'll see up start seeing opportunities are looking for opportunities but if you don't take the action to do what it takes to improve yourself then it really means nothing or to actually go out and get the job make a move same thing with all sorts of stuff every aspect of your life i think comes down to those three things uh what's your what's your goals if you have no goals and well you're going to miss a lot of opportunities and you're not going to take any action to do anything you want so anyway there you go goals opportunities goals and uh hard work those three together  uh will make you successful i think okay hope that helps take care god bless bye-bye

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